Restrictions on EU Trailers

Following last weeks update around the overall affects on supply chain, we see Europe’s key trucking routes continue to face difficulties resulting from increased board checks and resulting congestion and delays.

At a time when these routes are needed more than ever we continue to see issues arising due to driver availability and checks causing bottle necks and delays at boarder crossings

The issue is further compounded by concern from drivers on long trips of testing positive and ending up in quarantine for 14 days meaning many are put off from making the trip in the first instance

There are calls from the IRU and from many EU heads of state for the rapid introduction of green lanes to allow freight to pass through boarders in a timely fashion particular when trucks are carrying emergency equipment & supplies needed by countries to tackle the current COVID-19 outbreak

As reported recently by the IRU Turkey have gone a step further by not allowing citizens from 66 different countries to enter the country. With strict quarantine procedures established which has seen truck drivers from EU states facing up to 14 day quarantine periods.

This of course puts huge pressure on supply chains with so many trailers transiting these boarders daily.

We have seen trailer companies struggling to commit to transit times and a concern amongst customers that cargo could be severely delayed and as such alternatives being sought, especially for those commodities essential in the battle against COVID-19

 At John Good Logistics we have an extremely well established Sea Freight consol service from both Istanbul & Izmir offering direct transit into the UK… This allows customers to mitigate current risk around delay and benefit from added security and fixed weekly sailings.

We have our teams in Turkey & in the UK ready to assist where needed… Please contact